Welcome to Flow! We’re a team of healthcare professionals who understand the pain points every single healthcare medical staff team deals with on a daily basis. Our hope is that this blog serves as a valuable resource for professionals navigating the often-tedious world of healthcare onboarding, management, and education.

The Problem

For a myriad of reasons — including ethical, legal, and professional — medical facilities of all types that are hiring new staff must complete a rigorous, and often time-consuming, onboarding process. These steps are in place for a reason, keeping both employer and employee accountable for licensing regulations and professional standards. However, just because the practice is essential does not mean that it’s efficient for any party involved.

Chaos without Flow: onboarding, management, and education.
Chaos without Flow: onboarding, management, and education.

The (Long and Tedious) Process

Let’s start with documentation. A proper credentialing and privileging procedure requires copies of documents such as proof of malpractice coverage, medical licenses, education certificates, procedure logs...the list goes on. The hiring facility must gather and process all of that paperwork, verify the information provided, check the employee’s background, and speak with any references provided. From start to finish, the process can take anywhere from four to six months.

Many facilities choose to hire an external company to perform the process for them, in the hopes of saving time and effort by internal employees. This option may help expedite the process initially, but in the end, the same issues arise. Software is expensive, old-fashioned and often leaves staff having to navigate through multiple applications to complete the task at hand. Typical methods don't allow for management of employees once onboarded and become obsolete after initial phases of the employee lifecycle.

The Solution

That’s why we built Flow — a one-stop-shop for healthcare teams. Flow lets you get back to doing your job and spending time on what matters most. Our software enables candidates to create online physician profiles, upload required documents, and apply for jobs. For human resources professionals, our data analytics dashboard and paperless tracking process make completing hiring and management tasks seamless. 

We’re not just here for doctors, however. Provider groups, EMS, assisted living and nursing home facilities can all benefit from Flow’s simple, secure and streamlined solutions. Get in touch to learn more about how Flow can benefit your organization.