The Problem

Beam Healthcare was in the process of national expansion, and they needed a scalable healthcare-focused team management software solution to streamline their operations. Besides using recruitment and general HR/finance onboarding software, they needed to minimize times spent on hiring, managing, and educating their team from a clinical standpoint. Beam was utilizing a variety of different softwares, but these systems were of varying qualities and completely disconnected from one another. Data was scattered all over the place and Beam found no advantage to any one software – none of their day-to-day problems were being solved.

Cost was also an issue. Beam was spending more than $5K annually for access to these various systems. They knew that, referencing a quote they had received from an established credentialing software company, they should not be spending more than $15-20K annually once scaled. However, available software solutions were too costly, did not integrate well with one another, and did not solve the issues Beam was facing when scaling.

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The Solution

Flow was built with a very simple approach for the modern healthcare team: the 80/20 rule. Flow Healthcare strives to streamline 80% of the day-to-day processes for healthcare entities, and further evolve over time to handle the remaining, but less pressing, 20% of problems efficiently and cost-effectively. There is no one system that can solve all of a company's problems, but Flow's prioritization guarantees that the issues that cause the most everyday hassle are no longer burdensome.

By using Flow, Beam Healthcare was able to onboard its employees, from a clinical vetting standpoint, once the employees had passed through an application tracking system similar to Google Hire. Simultaneously, financial logistics and other HR tasks were being handled on Gusto. This onboarding process, which included clinical profile, document copies, identity verification, background checks, clinical references, and other items, typically takes weeks to months. Historically, the process has also included endless email chains, paper-pushing, and faxes. With Flow, Beam Healthcare was able to complete the onboarding process in as little as 48 hours.

Beam is now transitioning their remaining team members over to Flow. This process is extremely simple, with minimal effort for the client, and Flow maintains team members' profiles throughout the course of national expansion. Once Beam's employees have been added to Flow, Beam Healthcare will also be able to provide them with ongoing company, client, and accreditation-required education, along with learning opportunities that continue to grow company leaders.

The Future

Flow aims to lighted the day-to-day load experienced by healthcare teams – especially as telehealth and remote workers continue to become more common. Flow is affordable, scalable, and puts your hours back in your pocket so you can focus on expanding your business.

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